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Dog Ordinance

Pet owners have the responsibility to provide their pets with a healthy and safe life. Owners also have the responsibility to provide their neighbors with a pet free existence.


Pets left in Vehicles

Even on a beautiful 70 degree day, the temperature in a vehicle can reach past 100 degrees in no time and cracking your window does not help your beloved animal. Heat can cause irreparable damage to a dogs brain and kidneys. Leave your pet at home in warm weather.

Outside Car Inside Car
70 100
75 110
80 120
85 130
90 140



Pet Owners Must:

  • Fasten your pet securely to a suitable leash not more than 6 feet in length.
  • Prevent your pet from trespassing on neighbors property.
  • Immediately remove your pet's waste when excreted on someone elses property.
  • Prevent the accumulation of animal waste on your property.
  • Properly dispose of your pet's waste by either flushing or bagging and depositing in the garbage.
  • Keep you pet quiet.
  • Immediately report all animal bites to the Mayville Police Department.
  • Always provide your pets with sufficient food and fresh water supply.
  • If your pet is kept outdoors, provide them with adequate shade and shelter.
  • Maintain pens and enclosures in a clean and sanitary condition.
  • Never abuse, abandon or neglect any animal.
  • Never leave any animal, enclosed or unattended in any type of vehicle where the air temperature inside and/or outside will cause the animal to be exposed to extreme weather conditions. On a warm day the temperature in a parked car can reach 160 degrees in a matter of minutes, even with partially opened windows.¬†With only hot air to breathe, your pet can quickly suffer brain damage or die from heatstroke.


Pet License

Every cat and dog, 5 months of age or older, shall obtain a license within 30 days and must wear a current City of Mayville animal license tag on the collar. No dog or cat license will be issued until a certificate of rabies vaccination has been presented to the clerk.


View the Entire Ordinance Here

Article II: Dogs and Cats



Mayville Ordinance Violation
No Rabies Tag (5 months or older) $326.50
No License (5 months or older) $213.10
Animal at Large $213.10
Barking Dogs $213.10
Cruelty to Animals $326.50
Pet Littering $213.10
Prohibited Animals $263.50




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