Mayville Police K9 Program

A K9 is a valuable asset to law enforcement. Canines can sniff out suspects hiding or illegal drugs concealed from view. The K9 programs are always popular with the local schools, community groups where demonstrations are often conducted. The Mayville Police Department is committed to working with the schools and the community to combat the use and transportation of illegal drugs.




Fren "Frankie" Bednajzer
(03/24/2001 - 08/21/2010)
  • K9 Fren "Frankie" Bednajzer was born on March 24, 2001, in Germany, and imported to the United States. He was purchased through Steinig Tal Kennel of Campbellsport a supplier of highly trained canines, and was trained for bark and hold techniques with strong obedience and social skills. Frankie became the Mayville Police Department’s first canine officer and was sworn in on September 8, 2003.

    The K9 program was made possible by the assistance of the Mayville Police Citizens Academy Alumni and the support of the Mayville Citizens who donated to the K9 program. The K9 program was funded entirely from donations

    Frankie had an exceptional career responding to over 500 calls for the K9 in Mayville and surrounding communities. He was responsible for the seizure of over 25 pounds of marijuana, several pounds of cocaine and heroin, and has made over 300 drug and criminal arrests. In addition, he apprehended numerous criminals that were attempting to evade custody. Frankie and Officer Vossekuil conducted over 100 demonstrations and safety talks to civic groups, schools, and community organizations.

    On June 20, 2010, Frankie collapsed at his home and his handler, Officer Vossekuil rushed him to Wisconsin Veterinary Referral Center in Waukesha where he underwent emergency surgery. During surgery it was determined that Frankie had a tumor on his spleen which had ruptured. The spleen was removed and sent in for pathology testing.

    The pathology results indicated that Frankie had Hemangiosarcoma, an agreesive and fast growing cancer. There is no known cause for this cancer and it was untreatable. Frankie’s surgeon gave Frankie a life span of two to eight weeks.

    Frankie survived for nine weeks before his condition worsened and veterinarians from the Mayville Animal Clinic who had been monitoring Frankies condition determined that he was in too much pain. On Saturday August 21, 2010, after seven years of dedicated service, Frankie passed away at Vossekuil's home surrounded by family.

    Frankie will be missed by the officers and staff of the Mayville Police Department and the entire community. He will especially be missed by Officer Ryan Vossekuil, his wife Maria, and daughter Leah who have all lost a beloved family member.