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The Mayville Police Department provides a fingerprinting service for both residents and non-residents. While an appointment is not required, we suggest you call ahead to avoid any wait due to staffing. 

  • This service is provided Monday through Friday 24 hours per day.
  • For each person fingerprinted, there is a fee of  $20.00 for up to two cards. Each additional fingerprint card is $5.00.
  • You must bring a current, valid photo ID such as a driver’s license.


  • If you are issued fingerprint cards by the company or agency you are working with, you should bring those cards with you.
  • Fingerprint cards are available at the police department but they will be rejected in some instances by the Federal Government if the original cards given to you are not used.
  • Do not sign the fingerprint card until you are in the presence of a Mayville Police employee at the time the fingerprints are taken.     

For Employment

We provide fingerprinting services to those who require it for employment services. There is a fee for the service and we ask that you call ahead to scehdule an appointment to avoid any wait time.

Child ID Kit

The Mayville Police Department provides Child ID Kits which allows the parent to keep up-to-date information on their children. Parents can use the enclosed fingerprinting sheet or ask an officer to assist you.